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The Back of My Shirt

Disclaimer: This is what happens when I randomly shop for clothes.
So the other day I was in Super Target (pronounced Tar-jey).  I was looking for toothpaste.  I can never remember where they keep the toothpaste. So I rolled the dice and had to guess which side to enter.  Of course, I was wrong.  
So I [...]

I Do Not Have Whiskers

I don’t exactly remember the situation but the other day someone made a comment about my “whiskers.”
Hmm…I have a beard not whiskers.
Cats have whiskers.
Foxes have whiskers
Tigers have whiskers
Bears have whiskers…wait…do bears have whiskers?
OLD MEN have whiskers.
I did a little research and whiskers are pretty important.  I know this because I looked at [...]

A Crab Wonton a day…

So tonight I hung out with friends at PF Chang’s.  (Note to self: when going to PF Chang’s on a Saturday night with a party of 13…eat before you come because you will be hungry by the time you are seated.  We waited about 2 hours)  
We had fun. We laughed a ton and I [...]

What should have taken 15 minutes…

Don’t you hate it when something you KNEW should only take a short period of time ends up taking FOREVER!
This happened to me and Eric today.  Let me set it up for you.
About a year ago, Rob and I created an efficient way for us to place banners out in front of the building. We [...]


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