February 2006

Coldplay Pics

The concert was great. Coldplay put on a great show. I loved all the technical elements like the video and lights. The seats were great and the sound was good. This was my sister Angie’s Christmas present. I think she really enjoyed it. Below are some pics I took [...]

On my way to coldplay!

Passion on iTunes

This is what I saw today when I made a visit to the iTunes Music Store. That’s right…Passion Worship music had this huge billboard on the main page. Way to go guys!
Everyone should buy this EP so that it hits the top of the charts and everyone looks at it.

Too Busy Not to Pray

I am reading this great book. You should check it out. Too Busy Not to Pray by Bill Hybels
Here are some exerpts from Chapter 2.

God is busy keeping the cosmos in order. He doesn’t want to hear about my little problems.
God would think I was selfish if I prayed for my own needs. If [...]


So I know it has been a while since I have blogged and I am sorry. I gotta be honest…I just wasn’t feeling it. But tonight I got really really excited about something and I felt it…I have this deep desire and want to share it.
So all day today I have been soaking [...]

Additional 1 percent

Bono spoke to President Bush and members of Congress at the annual National Prayer Breakfast this week. Bono called for the U.S. government to increase its federal spending an additional 1 percent to go toward the world’s poor. He quoted text from Islamic, Jewish and Christian sources. A full transcript can be found here


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