November 2005

New Keystone Website Feature

This past week we added a new feature to the Keystone website. It is a small feature but I think a pretty cool one. We added a “Mark Your Calendar” feature. Basically, when a user clicks the link Mark Your Calendar, a “.vcs” card opens with all the info for their Outlook calendar. All they [...]

Screensaver doesn’t work

This past holiday I was in Oklahoma visiting my parents. While there, I helped setup my mother’s new computer. I got everything hooked up. Then I installed her beloved “Aquarium Screensaver.” But there was a problem…the screensaver would never activate. The same thing was happening on her old computer too. So I started the elimination [...]

Ferrell, Heder, Poehler, Arnett skating toward deal for ‘Blades of Glory’

You read the title right. These 2 might be teaming up for a movie together. One of the producers is going to be Ben Stiller. Let me just say this…I can’t wait! You can check the article out at Yahoo News!
Update - In what may be the greatest comic-teaming in recent memory, Will Ferrell, John [...]

Sooners Win 100th Bedlam Game, 42-14

After waiting weeks to get back into Oklahoma’s lineup, Adrian Peterson needed just a little more patience to get himself a big rushing day. Peterson ran for a season-high 237 yards, including two long touchdowns in the second half, and Rhett Bomar threw three touchdown passes to lead Oklahoma to a 42-14 victory over [...]

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Mr. Evelyn

Tonight I met a man who inspired me. He lives in a retirement village where my mother has a salon. He is in his late 80s or early 90s. He is a part of a prayer team that prays for Keystone every week. Bill and his wife are great people. [...]

Why am I here?

Target Wakeup Call

I am sitting here in my parent’s living room and we are debating whether we will get up before anything holy gets up to beat people to the sales. While we are talking a commercial from Target comes on telling me to sign-up for a wakeup call! WHAT?! So I checked it out and [...]

The Best Hamburger in the World

Yesterday, I had the very best hamburger in the world. When I come home to Tulsa, I always have to go to Harden’s Hamburgers at least 1-2 times. I can;t explain how good they are. They just are. If you like a very greasy burger with lots of flavor…then Harden’s is the place. So [...]

Quote of the day

This is a quote directly from my grandfather…
“Brian, get me a whiskey sandwich…hold the bread.”
This is actually the quote of every Thanksgiving Day.


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