September 2005

Weekend Review for September 25, 2005

I have noticed “Weekend Reviews” on other blogs describing the experience of their churches. I thought this would be a good thing to do for Keystone. So here goes!
September 25, 2005 at Keystone Church
Music (with links to iTunes)For All You’ve Done (Worship Leader: Susan Thomas)Your Grace Is EnoughBlessed be Your NameWorthy is the Lamb [...]


I just got back from seeing Coldplay! First of all, it was a beautiful Texas summer night. There was a nice breeze which made the outdoor concert just perfect. Coldplay was amazing. I have been a fan for about a year or 2 and tonight was the first time I had ever seen them [...]

still at coldplay

i am at coldplay

You Just don’t fit in?

WHAT? I just finished watching “The Apprentice: MArtha Stewart.” It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The task was actually really cool. SPOILER AHEAD: They had to modify a children’s tale to make it more modern. The teams were split up in 2…1 team was corporate and the other creative. You [...]

Sooners…not the same but there is hope.

Well, I have not posted yet about how poorly the Sooners are playing. Honestly, I was waiting until I knew there was hope. I think we have hope now. Our major problem has been 2-fold…lack of leadership on the field and a Quarterback. I believe Bomar is going to be the answer to those [...]

2 Services - A SUCCESS

Last Sunday we began our second identical service at 9:30am. It was a success! Huge Success! We had a total of 361 people at Keystone on Sunday. 2 people decided to become Christ-Followers. There was a great energy at Keystone on Sunday. I am most impressed with the army of volunteers that God used on [...]

Fix You

Anyone a Coldplay fan. I am going to see them Friday night with Brandon & Susan at Smirnoff in Dallas. Recently I have been listening to their new single “Fix You.” In fact, you can download an EP from iTunes to support Katrina Relief. Below are the lyrics.
When you try your best but you [...]


There is nothing like the Fall. Saturday College football, falling asleep on Sunday afternoons to the NFL, the cool breeze (well only for about 2 days in Texas…the season usually gets skipped and we go straight to winter)…AND new tv shows…
The fall is a great time for new shows…What new shows are you most [...]

Mr A-Z

I am really digging some Jason Mraz right now. If you haven’t heard Jason Mraz, check him out on itunes. He has a pleasant voice…it is easy to listen to, great pitch and his lyrics are quick and fast. He has a great way with his melodies. My favorite song right now is “Wordplay.” [...]


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