August 2005

Creative Team Schedules

I am interested in other creative team schedules and processes. If you serve in a church or ministry or even corporate America and are on a creative team - I have a little survey for you. I would appreciate any input! Thanks!
How many times a week do you meet?When do you meet?How [...]

Apple takng over the world…

Apple Computer Inc. and Motorola Inc. are planning to debut a new phone through Cingular Wireless that can play iTunes music downloads. The new phone will be equipped with software that would allow it to play songs purchased at Apple’s iTunes website. Apple is now that much closer to world domination …Courtesy of Relevant Magazine

Anyone got Crocs?

Anyone have crocs? You might say, “What are crocs?” I would say, “The most comfortable shoe I have ever put on my feet.” I would not be lying and I bet that if you wore them too that you would say the same. These shoes are the best. I admit that they can be ugly [...]

TOMMY BOY Special Edition DVD

Tomorrow the Tommy Boy Special Edition DVD will be released. It is called the “Holy Schnike Edition.” This is a 2 disk set. The second disk is loaded with goodies…4 featurettes, 6 deleted scenes, 15 extended scenes, gag reel and more.
On another note, comedian Chris Farley was honored over the weekend with a star [...]

Video Music Awards

Anybody watch the MTV Video Music Awards? I watched them tonight. I really watch for the technology and then the music. The set was really great tonight. It was water theme. The huge video wall with water flowing down it was spectacular. One of my favorite moments was when they cut to the crowd and [...]

As a new church start, we need a quick and in-expensive resource for printing. We have been using a company called They only print business cards and postcards. But they do them lightning fast. The trick is to have them overnighted. If you submitt an order by 5 you will have them in 2 [...]

Sooner or later

Sooner or later
From the Associated Press.
Thompson named OU starting QB.NORMAN, Okla. — Paul Thompson tried not to dream or even think about himself winning the starting quarterback’s job at Oklahoma.
With only one scrimmage left to decide whether it would be him or Rhett Bomar that started in the season opener, that notion became impossible to [...]


I am currently reading book called the “Ragamuffin Gospel” by Brennan Manning.  I had read a previous book by Brennan called “Abba’s Child.”  It also was very powerful. In the first chapter of the “Ragamuffin Gospel,” there is a very powerful excerpt.  I wanted to share it with you.  “Fyodor Dostoyevsky caught the shock and scandal of the gospel [...]

Great Worship CDs

About 1 year ago I rediscovered the music of Hillsongs United Live. Their last 2 cds are amazing. If you are looking for some new worship tunes or even if you aren’t - GET THESE CDs…titled…”More Than Life” and “Look To You.” The songs are fresh and inspiring. The music is orgignal…it really doesn;t [...]

Blogger Comment Spam from "Casting My Net"

This is a post from a friend of mine who has a solution to Blog Spam. It is easy to implement. Check out “Casting My Net” It is a great blog! Stuart has a great heart for the Church and technology.
“I was reading a friend’s blog (Blogger) and noticed that one of [...]


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